Popular Sports to Bet on Globally

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There was a time in the recent past when people who wanted to bet had to go to a physical casino to place their bets. Even though betting has been legal for a long time in the UK, it is not until recently that online casinos have started gaining popularity. Over the years, the number of people who log into the internet to place bets on their favourite sports has increased tremendously. Some of the popular sports among punters globally are:


The universality of football cannot be overstated. Every four years, the world cup brings together people from across different parts of the world. It also gains a lot of interest in online casino sites. Online casino sites have even come up with live streaming where you can see interesting details such as the Premier League’ Players on the bench among other things that will make betting on football even more interesting. Sportsbooks will also provide information regarding tournaments, such as tables and fixtures, qualified teams and more.


Golf has evolved as a sport. From a sport that was once regarded as a preserve of the rich to a popular sport that is loved by online bettors. It ranks high as one of the most played sport in online casinos. Their international tournaments attract a lot of punters who are familiar with the players and rules of the game.


Horseracing is an old sport in the betting world. For many years, it held a position as the most popular sport that people in the UK placed their bet on. Its popularity has declined among younger people, but the oldies still revere it as an interesting game.


Basketball also ranks high as a popular sport. It is more popular in America where there are tournaments such as the NBA. Globally, it is also loved by many punters, perhaps due to the popularity of basketball players.

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