Have You Heard of David Beckham?

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There are many names David Beckham is known by including DB7, Golden Balls, Becks, and Dave. He was born in Leytonstone England and is one of the best midfielders to ever grace the game of football. He ended his illustrious football career at LA Galaxy but has also been a part of some star-studded football teams like Real Madrid and Manchester United.

If you have ever shown any interest in football, you will know who David Beckham is. He also played multiple matches for England and created many goal scoring opportunities for both the club and country. He was one of the main attractions at any football match he was a part of. He is one of the iconic English footballers and is used as a sort of global ambassador for football on many occasions. The skill with which he could kick a football and his world-famous free kicks are the reasons he is popular all over the world.

In his career as a professional football player, he has taken many amazing free kicks and become a nightmare for goalkeepers all over the world. When David Beckham lines up to take a free kick, as a goalkeeper, you have every right to be scared out of your wits.

He debuted for England in 1996 in a World Cup qualifying match against Moldova. From then on, he kept going up in the football playing world and even managed to become the highest paid footballer in the world in 2004. He was also the first English footballer to compete in 100 Champions League matches. He also captained the English football team for 6 years from 2000 to 2006. He played 58 matches as captain.

If you want to find out how much of an influence one player can have on a global sport then you just need to see what David Beckham has done over the years.

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