Players in the Premier League Who Warm the Benches Now

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You can have all the talent in the world but sometimes, it may not be enough to make it into the starting XI of some of the best Premier League clubs. Here are some players who were starters at one point but only warm the benches now:

Olivier Giroud

This French striker is perhaps the most underrated in the Premier League right now. Even though he has scored consistently for Arsenal since 2012, he has now been replaced by Alexandre Lacazette. This former Lyon striker is now their first choice. But, you can’t ignore the fact that Giroud can challenge Lacazette for a starting position every now and then.

Wilfried Bony

This striker from the Ivory Coast was leading the line for Swansea at one point before he moved to Manchester City in 2014. There was a lot that people expected from him then, but there was no way he was outclassing Sergio Aguero for a starting position. Bony eventually went back to Swansea after failing to impress at Manchester City.

Sergio Aguero

While Aguero was good enough to keep Bony on the bench, he has not been the first choice for Pep Guardiola ever since the Spaniard took over. Gabriel Jesus has started regularly in front of Aguero and even though Aguero has started more matches this season than earlier, he still spends most of his time on the bench.

Daniel Sturridge

This English international may not be one of the fittest strikers in the Premier League but to say he isn’t talented would be false. He’s been riddled with injuries throughout his career. Roberto Firmino is now the preferred striker for Liverpool but we don’t see why that can’t change in the future if Sturridge regains his fitness and stays injury free.

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